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CDC 2A672

Air & Space Ground Equipment Craftsman

Volume 1a (Questions 1 - 50 of 100)

Volume1b (Questions 51-100)

1. The A/M32A-86D generator set's _______ circuit provides initial rotation of the engine for starting the unit.

a. idle/run
b. generator build-up
c. start
d. overspeed

2. The opposition of a capacitor to changes in voltage in an AC circuit is capacitative

a. resistance.
b. reactance.
c. resonance.
d. polarity.

3. An inductor stores energy in the form of a(n)

a. magnetic field.
b. power surge.
c. voltage drop.
d. open circuit.

4. Hot, expanding gases from the GTC turbine section's combustor canare accelerated and directed into the nozzle ring by the

a. turbine wheel.
b. combustor cap.
c. torus assembly.
d. exhaust flange.

5. The spring tension on the GTC's governor is set for loaded governed speed _______ percent.

a. 60
b. 80
c. 95
d. 100

6. If an air conditioner is short cycling, you should check the

a. receiver outlet valve.
b. setting of the LPCO.
c. heat load.
d. refrigerant, and drain off part of it.

7. The main purpose of the Hydraulic Test Stands supply system is

a. supply hydraulic fluid to the aircraft
b. store hydraulic fluid until need by the test stand
c. fill the lines and components with hydraulic fluid
d. supply a continuous flow of fluid under pressure to the high pressure pump

8. Pressure output of the MJ-1B’s hand pump varies from 0 to _______ psi.

a. 500
b. 1000
c. 1500
d. 1800

9. On a GTC you will see grayish white smoke coming out of the exhaust box if the _______ are defective.

a. interstage seals
b. turbine engine oil seals
c. inducers
d. stationary divergent shaped blades

10. The bomblift's _______ aids in starting the unit or when the engine is running rough due to vapor locks.

a. preheat solenoid
b. electric fuel pump switch
c. ammeter
d. starter solenoid

11. True power is monitored by using a

a. voltmeter.
b. ohmmeter.
c. watt meter.
d. multimeter.

12. In AC operation, the capacitor fully discharges at the same time the voltage drops to

a. 63 percent.
b. 37 percent.
c. zero.
d. one TC.

13. A fully charged capacitor requires _______ RC time constants.

a. 3
b. 5
c. 7
d. 10

14. The DC voltage supplied to the A/M32A-86D generator set's exciter field is controlled by the _______ circuit.

a. generator output
b. load
c. automatic field control
d. manual field control

15. In a schematic, if the arrow in a bipolar transistor is pointing away from the base, we have a _______ transistor.

a. PNP
b. NPN
c. N-type
d. P-type

16. When a magnetic field induces a voltage into a coiled conductor that opposes the original current, the process is referred to as

a. self-induction.
b. resistance.
c. pulsation.
d. mutual inductance.

17. Excess oil is drawn from the gear case in the lubrication system of the -60A generator by the

a. oil jet assembly.
b. main oil pump.
c. oil cooler.
d. scavenge pump.

18. The amount of current required to gate the SCR is called the

a. avalanche breakdown point.
b. barrier voltage.
c. 120 ripples.
d. forward breakover voltage.

19. The ES establishes a maximum allowable one-time repair expenditure limit for each piece of equipment they manage costing over

a. $1500.
b. $2000.
c. $2500.
d. $3000.

20. Air + moisture vapor + quantity of air + temperature difference =

a. heat.
b. heat load.
c. CFM.
d. PPM.

21. Varying the emitter-base current through a transistor varies the

a. forward breakover voltage.
b. barrier voltage.
c. voltage to the load.
d. amplification.

22. Procedures and standards for authenticating, controlling, procuring, and producing Air Force publications is the responsibility of the

a. commanders.
b. Director of Information Management.
d. Chief of Staff, USAF.

23. The movement of the bomblift's cradle assembly is controlled by the _______ system.

a. lift
b. power steering
c. hydrostatic drive
d. hand pump

24. When appealing the findings of a report of survey, the appeal must be submitted to the approving authority within _______ days of the date the individual is notified of the assessed liability.

a. 3
b. 10
c. 15
d. 30

25. Among the most common MPTOs is TO _______, which explains the TO system and methods to improve TOs.

a. 00-20-3
b. 00-5-1
c. 00-20-7
d. 00-5-2

26. To determine if a deficiency meets criteria for the deficiency reporting system, use

a. TO 00-20-54.
b. TO 00-35D-54.
c. TO-00-25-172.
d. AFI 91-202.

27. Only when you are performing resistive and reactive load tests at the same time is a(n) _______ used.

a. voltmeter
b. ohmmeter
c. multimeter
d. power factor meter

28. One of the most significant things that can be done to reduce the heat load in an air conditioner is to

a. increase the pressure.
b. recycle the conditioned air.
c. recharge the system.
d. cool the air.

29. The flow of positive charges against the flow of electrons in semiconductor is called

a. valence.
b. covalence.
c. hole current.
d. electron voltage.

30. Items that are not repairable at this station, are condemned and require turn-in, are covered under TO

a. 00-20-7.
b. 00-5-1.
c. 00-20-14.
d. 00-20-3.

31. On a SGNSC after the engine has warmed up the oil pressure gauge should read

a. 25-38 psi
b. 10-21 psi
c. 43-57 psi
d. 13-19 psi

32. If a generator set is overhauled, it is automatically considered to be _______ years old at the time the overhaul is complete.

a. 2
b. 3
c. 4
d. 5

33. True or False. Use the aircraft servicing load bank circuit to test the performance of 28 VDC generators under simulated load.

a. True.
b. False.

34. Heat transfers from hot to cold, and the transfer continues until

a. the formerly hot substance freezes.
b. the formerly cold substance melts.
c. both substances are at the same temperature.
d. one substance is 10 degrees warmer than the other.

35. True or False. Capacitors are used as a blocking device to block DC or in a filter to pass or reject a specific frequency.

a. True.
b. False.

36. In order to make a silicon crystal conduct, material is added to it which contains _______ valence electrons.

a. 1 or 3
b. 2 or 4
c. 3 or 5
d. 2 or 6

37. The boiling process in an air conditioner can only be controlled and regulated by controlling the _______ applied to the refrigerant.

a. heat
b. recycling
c. pressure
d. water

38. Informational publications which normally are "how to" documents are

a. AFPAMs.
b. AFINDs.
c. AFIs.
d. AFSs.

39. As air flows across the coils of an air conditioner's _______, heat transfers from the refrigerant to the ambient air and is exhausted out the top of the unit.

a. oil separator
b. condenser assembly
c. temperature controller
d. compressor

40. Apparent power is measured in

a. KWAs.
b. KWs.
c. KVAs.
d. KVs.

41. The bomblift's power steering pump is driven by the

a. coupling off the transmission pump.
b. shaft driven off the engine.
c. flexible coupling off the engine.
d. belt driven off the system pump.

42. On the EPU-6/E how does the operation know if CB1 is turned on

a. audible alarm
b. frequency meter
c. hourmeter
d. indicator light

43. In the -60A generator set's bleed air system, the opening time is controlled by the load control valve's _______ section.

a. diaphragm
b. load
c. rate
d. mechanical linkage

44. If a GTC is experiencing hot starts, the first component you would check is the _______ valve.

a. plenum drain
b. load control
c. filter drain
d. switcher

45. In an air conditioner, the oil safety switch, low pressure cutoutswitch, and the high pressure cutout switch operate by shutting off the

a. blower assembly.
b. fan cycle switch.
c. fuel heater relay.
d. compressor clutch.

46. The temperature of a gas changes because of _______ heat.

a. latent
b. sensible
c. convection
d. super

47. The GTC is protected from damage by the

a. impellers.
b. inducers.
c. interstage ducts.
d. interstage seal.

48. In series-parallel circuits, no matter what the individual branch currents are, the total current of all parallel branches always equals the current flow in the _______ of the circuit.

a. parallel part
b. resistors
c. series part
d. combined parts

49. The heat used to change a solid to a liquid is referred to as

a. super heat
b. latent heat of vaporization
c. sensible heat
d. latent heat of fusion

50. The silicon atom's valance band contains _______ electrons and is classified as an intrinsic semiconductor.

a. 4
b. 6
c. 8
d. 12

Volume1b (Questions 51-100)


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