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CDC 4A051


Questions 101 - 149 of 149

101. (601) Who formed the 1st medical specialist:

a. Surgeons
b. Internist
c. Ophthalmologist
d. Pharmacist

102. (601) A group practice is a formal association of at least __ health professionals.

a. 3
b. 2
c. 4
d. 6

103. (601) Medicaid is:

a. Health care financing for the elderly
b. Health care financing for the poor
c. No longer used
d. Scheduled to be rescinded in 2010

104. (602) The HMO Act of 1973 mandated that employers of 15 or more who offered a medical plan must also offer the option of joining a qualified HMO if one existed in the area.


105. (602) Traditional health care insurance companies reimburse the member. HMOs provide health care through affiliated providers who are reimbursed:

a. By the member
c. Various methods

106. (603) The limit that an active duty family will have to pay for civilian medical care is:

a. $3000
b. $2000
c. $1000
d. $10000

107. (603) DRG is a method of paying civilian hospitals for ____ care under TRICARE Standard.

a. Outpatient
b. Ancillary
c. Same day surgery
d. Inpatient

108. (605) TRICARE is a health care program with how many options?

a. 3
b. 7
c. 4
d. 6

109. (605) All Medicare-eligible beneficiaries, including active duty family members may participate in at least one of the three TRICARE options.


110. (606) The Lead Agent ( LA) is a commander of an

a. MTF
b. Wing
d. Clinic

111. (607) Determining the number of network providers required is done by whom?

a. The LA
b. PCM
c. MTF commander
d. MCS contractor

112. (608) TRICARE claims are submitted by the patient using a

a. DD 2642
b. SF 1348
c. AF 1488
d. HCFA 1500

113. (608) Referrals will meet TRICARE Prime standards for travel, access and _____.

a. Quality of care
b. Cost
c. Waiting times
d. Distance

114. (608) Upon receiving the claim, the MCS contractor establishes eligibility by:

a. Checking ID
b. Checking DEERS
c. Calling the MTF
d. Letter from patient

115. (609) The basic goal of TRICARE marketing efforts is to support the successful ______ of TRICARE.

a. CONUS implementation
b. OCONUS implementation
c. Regional implementation
d. Worldwide implementation

116. (609) Which of the following is a successful marketing strategy

a. Standard enrollment at the MTF
b. Educating beneficiaries
c. Ensuring staff know a little about the program
d. Extra enrollment at the MTF

117. (610) Marketing to commanders/senior non-commissioned officers is important because

a. Line leadership must support the program
b. HSI
c. TMO requires it
d. LA enrollment needed

118. (610) The enrollment package is designed, written, and distributed by

a. MTF
b. TMO
c. LA
d. MCS contractors

119. (611) ___ is a clinically oriented questionnaire completed by patients as they enroll in Prime.


120. (612) Under resource support, who may request a task order for personnel, equipment, and or supplies?

a. LA
b. TOPA Flight Commander
c. MTF Commander

121. (612) In lieu of resource sharing, MTFs may use a mix of options including direct labor and borrowed labor.


122. (613) Resource sharing allows the MCS contractor to provide:

a. Supplies
b. Training
c. Patient transportation
d. Referrals

123. (613) External resource sharing is based upon written agreements between the:

a. Contractor and MTF/CC
b. Contractor and WG/CC
c. Contractor and MAJCOM/SG
d. Contractor and Lead Agent

124. (614) Who issued a policy letter to contact E-4s and below about their TRICARE benefits?

a. TMO
c. MTF

125. (804) How many quarters are there in a fiscal year?

a. 5
b. 6
c. 3
d. 4

126. .(804) When is the end of the Fiscal Year?

a. 31 Dec
b. 31 Aug
c. 30 Sep
d. 30 June

127. (804) What is the 1st Quarter of the Fiscal Year

a. Oct- Dec
b. Jan- Mar
c. Apr- Jun
d. Jul- Sep

128. (807) Who is not a key organization in Year end closing?

a. Contracting
b. Logistics
c. Orderly Room
d. Finance

129. (808) What is the form number of the Patient Effects Storage tag

a. DD 599
b. DD 598
c. DD 600
d. DD 6017.

130. (808) What is not allowed to be stored by the MSA office?

a. Valuables
b. Rings
c. Knives
d. Money

131. (809) What is the form number of the Cash and sales Journal?

a. AF 1085
b. AF 1087
c. AF 1086
d. AF 1089

132. (813) How often is a physical inventory?

a. Yearly
b. Weekly
c. Monthly
d. Daily

133. (814) What is the form number for the Dining hall signature record?

a. AF1338
b. AF1339
c. AF 1440
d. AF 1445

134. (814) What is the AF Form 1087?

a. Outpatient Treatment Log
b. Cash Meal Log
c. Cash Collection Voucher
d. Public Voucher for Refunds

135. (814) Which form number is the Food cost Record?

a. AF 546
b. AF 541
c. AF 546
d. AF 542

136. (815) What type of injury should not be listed on the AF 1488

a. Motor Vehicle Accident
b. Injuries
c. Sexually Transmitted diseases
d. Cold

137. (815) How often must an AF 1488 be done?

a. Monthly
b. Weekly
c. Daily
d. Quarterly

138. (815 ) Who determines if an injury on the 1488 is a case?

a. RMO
b. Doctor
c. Legal Office
d. MDG Commander

139. (818) By what day must the WWR be submitted?

a. 5th day of the month
b. 10Th day of the month
c. 15th day of the month
d. 20th day of the month

140. (818) How often must the WWR report be done?

a. Yearly
b. Monthly
c. Weekly
d. Quarterly

141. (818) Who owns the WWR process in the facility?

a. MEPRS manager
b. MDG Commander
c. Data Analyst
d. RMO

142. (818) In what system is the WWR transmitted?

a. ADS
d. DTS

143. (818) When must a final WWR be submitted?

a. At the end of a fiscal year
b. When an MTF closes
c. At the end of a quarter
d. Dec 31st

144. (820) Which type of accounting data does MEPRS not capture?

a. Workload
b. Personnel Utilization
c. TDY data
d. Expense

145. (820) What office is primarily responsible for managing MEPRS within the MTF?

a. RMO
b. Systems
d. Orderly Room

146. (821) What is the description for Functional Account A?

a. Ambulatory Care
b. Dental Care
c. Inpatient Care
d. Support Services

147. (821) What Functional account is for Dental care?

a. B
b. C
c. E
d. G

148. (823) How many hours equal one FTE?

a. 134
b. 126
c. 182
d. 168

149. (827) What is the form number for the Equipment Action Request

a. AF 322
b. AF 401
c. AF 560
d. AF 601


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