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CDC 4A071


Volume 3, RMO Part 1

1. Expense equipment requirements must be identified each budget year. What is the average life span for this type of equipment? (401)

A. 4 years
B. 6 years
C. 2 years
D. 8 years

2. The Innovative Development through Employee Awareness (IDEA) program gives employees a vehicle to submit an idea for a better way of doing something. This program is administered by the business operations office and will accomplish which of the following? (402)

A. Determine organizational functional evaluator, ensures ideas are evaluated, benefits are determined and, if applicable, manpower savings are documented
B. Print certificates and arrange for presentation to recipients of nonmonetary recognition
C. Advise supervisors and evaluators as needed
D. All of the above

3. As part of the Planning, Programming and Budgeting System (PPBS), DoD created the concept of the Future Year Defense Program (FYDP) to provide a: (403)

A. Multi-year focus for the defense program
B. 1-year focus for the defense program
C. 3-year focus for the defense program
D. 5-year focus for the defense program

4. Cost Center Managers (CCM) are normally appointed by whom? (404)

A. Immediate supervisor
B. Group commander
C. Squadron commander
D. Flight commander

5. The term “bogey” refers to: (404)

A. One over par in golf
B. The predetermined amount of money necessary to operate a MTF
C. The determined amount of money necessary to operate a MTF
D. None of the above

6. Medical supply purchases account for approximately how much of the money spent each fiscal year? (404)

A. 25 percent
B. 50 percent
C. 75 percent
D. 100 percent

7. The Cost Center Manager (CCM) function meets at least: (405)

A. Weekly
B. Monthly
C. Quarterly
D. Annually

8. Which of the following management reports is not utilized in the performance of your CCM duties? (406)

A. Activity issue/turn in list
B. Monthly using activity backorder list
C. Shopping guide
D. Unit Manpower Document

9. A fiscal year budget starts and ends on: (407)

A. 1 Oct/30 Sep
B. 1 Jan/31 Dec
C. 1 Mar/28 Feb
D. 1 Jul/30 Jun

10. Key personnel involved in the FY close-out should ensure they are available the last two weeks of September. Key personnel represent all of the following except: (408)

A. Base supply
B. Base services
C. Contracting office
D. Air Force Network Communications Center

11. Who grants authority for the Medical Service Accounts (MSA) officer to maintain a change fund? (409)

A. Squadron commander
B. Group commander
C. Financial services officer or defense accounting officer
D. Wing commander

12. Collections from pay patients must occur before what type care is provided? (410)

A. Inpatient
B. Dental
C. Nonemergency outpatient
D. Emergency

13. Who is responsible for the change fund and issues required amounts to cashiers? (410)

A. Resource advisor
B. MSA officer
C. Accounting and Finance Office
D. Squadron commander

14. When the beneficiary services office releases information before proper payment is received, the MSA officer shall maintain a suspense file for how many days before the account is transferred to AFO for collection? (411)

A. 14 days
B. 21 days
C. 28 days
D. 30 days

15. Which of the following examples is not part of the criteria for receiving workload credit for an outpatient visit? (412)

A. Patient screening by clinical nursing staff member
B. Interaction between a patient and healthcare provider
C. Involves evaluation and management services
D. Includes documentation in the medical record

16. The MSA office will collect a surcharge for meals served to the following: (413)

A. Inpatients in the MTF
B. Enlisted members drawing Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS)
C. Spouses and other dependents of enlisted personnel in grades E-1 through E-4
D. Enlisted members entitled to subsistence-in-kind (SIK)

17. How frequently should the manual AF Form 1488, Daily Log of Patients Treated for Injuries be accomplished? (414)

A. Daily
B. Weekly
C. Monthly
D. Quarterly

18. Who is responsible for providing periodic training to clinic staff on the Medical Affirmative Claims Program? (415)

A. Base legal office
B. Resource advisor
C. Medical affirmative claims manager
D. Squadron commander

19. Which of the following procedures is the Third Party Collection Manager not responsible for? (416)

A. Monitors report suspense’s to internal and external customers
B. Provides feedback on the status of the program
C. Implements new and or revised procedures to strengthen the program
D. Recertifying patients with TPC

20. Which of the following agencies is not a member of the National Uniform Billing Committee (NUBC)? (417)

A. Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA)
B. Social Security Administration
C. Office of CHAMPUS
D. American Hospital Association

21. At the MTF level, the World-Wide Workload Report (WWR) is used to: (418)

A. Develop staffing justification
B. Trend patient care demand
C. Develop a budget
D. All of the above

22. The WWR must be validated and transmitted by what working day of the following month? (418)

A. 1st
B. 10th
C. 15th
D. 21st

23. MTFs must reconcile data reported in the WWR with what other system? (419)

A. Medical Expense and Performance Reporting System (MEPRS)
B. Ambulatory Data System (ADS)
C. Third Party Outpatient Collection System (TPOCS)
D. Defense Enrollment Eligibility System (DEERS)

24. When generating the WWR, when is the best time to input information? (420)

A. Start of the duty day
B. At lunch
C. End of the duty day
D. None, the system will do that for you

25. AF Form 235, Report of Patients, reports all of the following except: (420)

A. Deaths
B. Diagnostic tests, examinations, and prescriptions
C. Outpatient visits
D. Sick days


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