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CDC 4A071


Volume 4, RMO Part 2 / Medical Readiness

1. These are established to collect operating expenses when two or more work centers share physical space, personnel and supplies. (602)

a. Functional Account
b. Summary Account
c. Cost Pool
d. Expense Report

2. The first letter of every MEPRS account code represents what type of account? (603)

a. Summary
b. Functional
c. Sub-account
d. Special code

3. Expense data is loaded on the Expense Assignment System (EAS) utilizing which computer software application? (604)

a. MS Excel
c. Operating Budget Ledger
d. MicroBAS

4. By definition, the average number of man-hours per month an assigned individual is available to do primary duties is know as: (612)

a. Manpower requirement
b. Man-hour availability factor (MAF)
c. Manpower standard
d. Manpower variance

5. On the UMD, the Functional Account Code (FAC) is a six-digit code identifying a particular function. The first four digits are controlled by HQ USAF, the last two digits are controlled by: (612)

a. The work center supervisor
c. Installation commander
d. Hospital commander

6. Which AFMS body is the senior review body and makes recommendations to the AF Surgeon General? (613)

a. AFMS board
b. AFMS council
c. AFMS group
d. AFMS members

7. The Long View Strategy will position the AFMS for the greatest return with the least risk. The outcome will be the highest state of readiness, the best health status, and the: (609)

a. lowest environmental costs
b. lowest private sector costs
c. lowest overall care costs
d. saving of life

8. What term describes a unit of measure worked? (612)

a. Man-hour
b. Manpower
c. Manpower standard
d. Man-hour availability factor (MAF)

9. Medical Investment Equipment includes equipment items costing: (615)

a. $100,000 or more
b. $25,000 or more
c. $500 or more
d. $10,000 or more

10. Material consisting of primarily office supplies and janitorial supplies and equipment are known as: (615)

a. Expense equipment
b. Maintenance significant supply items
c. Nonmedical materiel
d. Equipment item

11. Who is responsible for the preparation and submission of the annual budget for the entire medical facility? (616)

a. RMO
b. Facility Management
c. Cost center manager
d. Supply officer

12. The three primary methods used by medical logistics to support customers’ routine supply requests are the shopping guide order method, the internal distribution operation (IDO), and: (616)

a. Recurring orders
b. Emergency issues
d. Forward area management

13. What form should you use to turn in or transfer a piece of equipment? (617)

a. AF Form 560
b. AF Form 601
c. DD Form 2AF
d. AF Form 565

14. What are the two classifications used for supplies? (615)

a. Medical and nonmedical
b. Consumable or durable
c. Expense and investment
d. Supplies and equipment

15. What is established when there is no stock on hand or there is not enough to fill the total order? (616)

a. Pre-issue
b. Back order
c. Emergency issue
d. Non-routine use

16. The Continental United States (CONUS) includes the state of Hawaii. (619)

a. True
b. False

17. The C3 system includes Communication, Command and: (619)

a. Computers
b. Collection
c. Combat
d. Control

18. The Designed Operational Capability (DOC) is the mission for which a measured unit has been equipped, organized, or: (619)

a. Funded
b. Staffed
c. Designed
d. Tasked

19. The portion of material, above and beyond peacetime operating stocks, required to support the increased activity of forces during wartime is known as: (619)

a. Simulation material
b. War reserve material
c. Force package
d. Triage equipment

20. Who chairs the Medical Readiness Staff (MRS) function? (620)

a. Readiness Officer
b. Readiness NCO
c. MTF Commander
d. Logistics Officer

21. Who is responsible for the distribution and maintenance of the MCRP? (621)

b. MTF Commander
c. Personnel and Administration
d. Base Publishing/Distribution Office

22. Which annex of the MCRP discusses recall procedures? (621)

a. Annex A
b. Annex D
c. Annex P
d. Annex T

23. A condition wherein normal message and telephone traffic is drastically reduced in order that messages connected with an actual or simulated emergency are not delayed is known as: (619)

a. Assumption
b. Minimize
c. Maximize
d. Employment

24. The grade on the UMD that shows what a work center earns according to a manpower standard is the: (612)

a. Required grade
b. Promotion grade
c. Functional grade
d. Authorized grade

25. The list of functional cost codes sent out by the MAJCOM MEPRS program manager to the MTFs is called a: (602)

a. Cost pool
b. Expense listing
c. Data set
d. EAS report



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