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Airman's Manual
Knowledge Test

Exam 1

1.  When performing decon operations with M295 decon kits, a 5% chlorine bleach solution can augment the decontamination process, if available.

     (A)  True
     (B)  False

2.  Of the following which is the correct posture for MOPP level 4?

     (A)  Overgarment, protective mask, hood, gloves, overboots and field gear worn.
     (B)  IPE available for immediate donning.
     (C)  Overgarment, protective mask, hood, overboots and field gear worn; gloves carried.
     (D)  Overgarment and field gear worn; overboots, mask and gloves carried.

3.  When marking vehicles with the appropriate NBC hazard marker (or equivalent), place the marker _______.

    (A)  in the middle of the road
    (B)  on both side mirrors
    (C)  on the front bumper
    (D)  in the lower center portion of the windshield

4.  Which of the following is not one of the 4 R's used for UXO reporting?

    (A)  Record
    (B)  Retreat
    (C)  Redesign
    (D)  Recognize

5.  During contingency operations, Air Mobility Command will move strategic airlift cargo regardless of the chemical or biological environment at the deployed site.

    (A) True
    (B) False

6.  Which of the following is NOT part of the PASS fire extinguishing method?

     (A)  Pull the pin
     (B)  Aim nozzle at the top of the flames
     (C)  Squeeze the handle
     (D)  Sweep side-to-side

7.  It's acceptable to carry one large unsafe load as long as you have an observer present.

     (A)  True
     (B)  False

8.  When wearing the overgarment, women do not need to tuck their hair inside the jacket.

     (A)  True
     (B)  False

9.  What is the service life of the C2A1 filter canister installed on an M45 or MCU-2 mask?

     (A)  39 weeks in a cold humid and warm moderate climate
     (B)  10 weeks in a hot dry climate
     (C)  39 weeks in a hot dry climate
     (D)  None of the above

10.  Hasty defensive fighting positions should be small depressions or holes that are at least ___ inches deep.

       (A)  9
       (B)  12
       (C)  18
       (D)  None of the above

11.  A Wing Operations Center (WOC) and an Expeditionary Operations Center (EOC) are the same thing?

       (A)  True
       (B)  False

12.  An expedient hazard marker with a "B" on it indicates what type of hazard?

       (A)  Biological
       (B)  Chemical
       (C)  Radiological
       (D)  UXO (unexploded ordnance)

13.  Which of the following are operational limitations of M8 paper?

       (A)  Can only be read with white light
       (B)  Some items such as wasp spray and cleaning supplies may cause false positives
       (C)  Reaction can take several minutes at temperatures below 32 degrees
       (D)  All of the above

14.  You should change your CPO (Chemical Protective Overgarment) within ____ hours after contact with chemical agents.

       (A)  12
       (B)  8
       (C)  16
       (D)  24

15.  Six pads in an M291 decon kit are sufficient for ____ personal decontaminations.

       (A)  2
       (B)  3
       (C)  6
       (D)  12

16.  If you are taken hostage, which of the following should you do?

       (A)  Analyze the problem so as not to aggravate it, challenge your captors at all times and do not try to anticipate the actions of your captors.
       (B)  Make educated decisions to keep the situation from worsening, make jokes about your captors' cause and aggravate the situation as much as possible.
       (C)  Maintain discipline, make educated decisions and analyze the problem so as not to aggravate the situation.

17.  When deploying to an area what are some of the arrival actions you should take?

       (A)  Determine FPCON
       (B)  Attack Warning Signals
       (C)  Sector/Zone layout
       (D)  All of the above
       (E)  None of the above

18.  When preparing to deploy, you should not worry about becoming familiar with any host nation sensitivities because your deployed location commander will brief you when you arrive.

      (A)  True
      (B)  False

19. Which of the following is not one of the 4 R's in a UXO finding?

      (A)  Recognize
      (B)  Retreat
      (C)  Rebuild
      (D)  Report

20.  When notified of Alarm Yellow it is acceptable to leave HVAC systems running.

       (A)  True
       (B)  False


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