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Airman's Manual
Knowledge Test

Exam 3

1.  Which of the following is not one of the 4 R's used for UXO reporting?

     (A)  Record
     (B)  Retreat
     (C)  Redesign
     (D)  Recognize

2.  If enemy forces use aerial or ground flares in your area, you should immediately move directly to the UCC and report the activity.

     (A)  True
     (B)  False

3.  When performing post attack reconnaissance, it is not necessary to report negative findings of UXO's or chemical/biological contamination.

    (A)  True
    (B)  False

4.  When moving from one zone to another, you must coordinate your movement with the _____

     (A)  SRC
     (B)  WOC
     (C)  DEA
     (D)  UCC

5.  When inspecting an M291 kit, the absence of loose powder in the kit indicates the kit is serviceable.

     (A)  True
     (B)  False

6.  You should change your CPO (Chemical Protective Overgarment) within ____ hours after contact with chemical agents.

     (A)  12
     (B)  8
     (C)  16
     (D)  24

7.  What is not one of the attributes of the S-A-L-U-T-E reporting for an attack?
     (A)  Activity
     (B)  Time
     (C)  Exit
     (D)  Location

8.  Which of the following do NOT adversely affect fire safety?

     (A)  Unfamiliar environments
     (B)  too many fire extinguishers on hand
     (C)  crowded accommodations
     (D)  high operations tempo

9.  When you remove the canister from the sealed package, you should write the date the canister was removed and the ________ _____ _________ on the DD Form 1574.

     (A)  canister manufacture date
     (B)  canister lot number
     (C)  canister serial number
     (D)  All of the above

10.  Which of the following is not on the list of arrival actions that should be accomplished once you arrive at your deployed location?

      (A)  Determine FPCON, Attack Warning Signals, Alarm condition, MOPP, sector/zone layout
      (B)  Review local threats (including criminal) and attack reporting procedures
      (C)  Review local movie theater show listings
      (D)  Review smoking area rules

11.  Which of the following signals indicates the attack is over and base recovery should be initiated.

       (A)  alarm green
       (B)  alarm black
       (C)  alarm blue
       (D)  alarm red

12.  When reporting a UXO using a vehicle radio, you should transmit from a minimum safe distance of ____ ft.

       (A)  50
       (B)  10
       (C)  25
       (D)  100

13.  A tourniquet may be loosened if bleeding appears to have stopped.

       (A)  True
       (B)  False

14.  If a large number of weapons must be destroyed to prevent use by the enemy, it doesn't matter which parts you destroy.

       (A)  True
       (B)  False

15.  If you are taken hostage, which of the following should you do?

       (A)  Analyze the problem so as not to aggravate it, challenge your captors at all times and do not try to anticipate the actions of your captors.
       (B)  Make educated decisions to keep the situation from worsening, make jokes about your captors' cause and aggravate the situation as much as possible.
       (C)  Maintain discipline, make educated decisions and analyze the problem so as not to aggravate the situation.

16.  The protective mask, ensemble and military standard collective protection filters are not designed to provide protection from TIMs (Toxic Industrial Material).

        (A)  True
        (B)  False

17.  Which of the following is not an advantage of biological agents as weapons?

       (A)  Easy to obtain
       (B)  Can overwhelm medical services and resources
       (C)  Threat of use not generally noted by the general population
       (D)  Potential for high number of casualties

18.  Your eyes may take up to _____ minutes to readjust to darkness after exposure to light.

       (A)  15
       (B)  45
       (C)  30
       (D)  60

19.  When marking a UXO you should clear all debris away from the UXO.

       (A)  True
       (B)  False

20.  If a UXO measures 9 inches in diameter, personnel should evacuate and use cover to an initial distance of ____ ft.

       (A)  750
       (B)  250
       (C)  500
       (D)  1000

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