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Airman's Manual
Knowledge Test

Exam 8

1.  Six pads in an M291 decon kit are sufficient for ____ personal decontaminations.

    (A)  2
    (B)  3
    (C)  6
    (D)  12

2.  _______ may authorize certain MOPP options to reduce the heat burden on affected personnel.

     (A)  Workcenter superintendent
     (B)  First Sergeant
     (C)  Shift Supervisor
     (D)  Senior commander

3.  If an attack warning is given and you don't know what type of attack will or has occurred. What action should you take?

     (A)  Follow the protective actions for a missile attack
     (B)  Take time to ask someone what to do
     (C)  Always try to cover your face and ears during an attack
     (D)  A & C

4.  Which of the following should you NOT do if exposed to chemical agents?

     (A)  Avoid contaminated surfaces if possible
     (B)  Decon skin with M291/M295 decon kits
     (C)  Do not don your IPE (individual Protective Equipment)
     (D)  Practice contamination avoidance and operations decon

5.  You should change your CPO (Chemical Protective Overgarment) within ____ hours after contact with chemical agents.

     (A)  12
     (B)  8
     (C)  16
     (D)  24

6.  The wash/wear life for an uncontaminated CPO (Chemical Protective Overgarment) is _____ launderings or _____ days, which ever comes first.

      (A)  12, 120
      (B)  10, 90
      (C)  6, 45
      (D)  5, 60

7.  Women should remove all hair fasteners (hair clips, pins, etc.) and let their hair hang freely before donning their mask

      (A)  True
      (B)  False

8.  Which mobility bag includes basic items such as your helmet, web belt, body armor, sleeping bag, canteen kit, mess kit and other support items?

      (A)  B-Bag
      (B)  A-Bag
      (C)  C-Bag
      (D)  D-Bag

9.  Which of the following are the four types of nuclear radiation?

     (A)  Alpha, omega, beta, neutron
     (B)  Neutron, Zulu, alpha, gamma
     (C)  Alpha, beta, gamma, neutron
     (D)  none of the above

10.  Of the following which is the correct posture for MOPP level 4?

      (A)  Overgarment, protective mask, hood, gloves, overboots and field gear worn.
      (B)  IPE available for immediate donning.
      (C)  Overgarment, protective mask, hood, overboots and field gear worn; gloves carried.
      (D)  Overgarment and field gear worn; overboots, mask and gloves carried.

11.  The fundamental purposes' of LOAC are to _____.

       (A)  Harm enemy personnel who surrender
       (B)  Prevent unnecessary suffering
       (C)  Maintenance of a well - disciplined military force
       (D)  A & C
       (E)  B & C

12.  It takes considerable effort to deliver a chemical weapon that holds a militarily significant amount of agent needed to produce widespread coverage. Bacteria, viruses and biological toxins, on the other hand, can be delivered with relative ease when compared to chemical agent delivery.

       (A)  True
       (B)  False

13.  Which of the following are primary products of a nuclear detonation?

       (A)  Blast and shock
       (B)  Nuclear radiation
       (C)  Electromechanical pulse
       (D)  A & B

14.  In a hot environment, daily fluid intake should not exceed ____ quarts.

       (A)  4
       (B)  12
       (C)  6
       (D)  8

15.  What is not one of the attributes of the S-A-L-U-T-E reporting for an attack?

       (A)  Activity
       (B)  Time
       (C)  Exit
       (D)  Location

16.  Filter canisters will afford protection from industrial chemicals, ammonia, or carbon monoxide or in areas with insufficient oxygen to support life.

       (A)  True
       (B)  False

17.  When moving from one zone to another, you must coordinate your movement with the _____

        (A)  SRC
        (B)  WOC
        (C)  DEA
        (D)  UCC

18.  If within 5-10 minutes after administration of the first set of injectors, your heart beats very quickly and your mouth becomes very dry, inject a second Mark 1 kit immediately.

       (A)  True
       (B)  False

19.  What is another name for the Wing Operation Center (WOC) when deployed?

       (A)  Survival Recovery Center (SRC)
       (B)  Expeditionary Operation Center (EOC)
       (C)  Unit Control Center (UCC)
       (D)  None of the above

20.  Identification information should not be removed from remains.

       (A)  True
       (B)  False

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