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Airman's Manual
Knowledge Test

Exam 9

1.  When moving from one zone to another, you must coordinate your movement with the _____

      (A)  SRC
      (B)  WOC
      (C)  DEA
      (D)  UCC

2.  When reporting a UXO using a vehicle radio, you should transmit from a minimum safe distance of ____ ft.

     (A)  50
     (B)  10
     (C)  25
     (D)  100

3.  If a vehicle is disabled by an IED, it is highly unlikely that it will be followed by a secondary attack.

     (A)  True
     (B)  False

4.  Which of the following is not one of the four major categories of chemical agents?

     (A)  Nerve
     (B)  Mustard
     (C)  Choking
     (D)  Blister

5.  The wash/wear life for an uncontaminated CPO (Chemical Protective Overgarment) is _____ launderings or _____ days, which ever comes first.

     (A)  12, 120
     (B)  10, 90
     (C)  6, 45
     (D)  5, 60

6.  Because your Airman's manual is a controlled item, you will not be expected to have it with you when you deploy.

     (A)  True
     (B)  False

7.  The shelf life of M9 tape is ____ years.

     (A)  5
     (B)  8
     (C)  2
     (D)  10

8.  An expedient hazard marker with a "U" on it indicates what type of hazard?

     (A)  Biological
     (B)  Chemical
     (C)  Radiological
     (D)  UXO (unexploded ordnance)

9.  Once a vehicle has been contaminated it is unusable and should be destroyed.

     (A)  True
     (B)  False

10.  You should use M291/M295 kits to operationally decontaminate areas you must touch to perform your mission (within the first hour of contamination if possible).

      (A)  True
      (B)  False

11.  After checking all the detectors in your zone, it is not necessary to report to the UCC unless you have positive indications of contamination.

      (A)  True
      (B)  False

12.  When marking your CPO (Chemical Protective Overgarment), what information should be included?

       (A)  USAF, rank, first and last name
       (B)  USAFR, rank, first and last name and nickname
       (C)  UN, rank, first name, state of birth
       (D)  Just your nickname because your dog tags will identify your remains anyway

13.  Completion of the POW capture card constitutes a violation of the Code of Conduct.

       (A)  True
       (B)  False

14.  You should not replace the canister if it becomes wet as moisture improves the performance of the filter.

       (A)  True
       (B)  False

15.  Which of the following signals indicates the attack is over and base recovery should be initiated.

       (A)  alarm green
       (B)  alarm black
       (C)  alarm blue
       (D)  alarm red

16.  Mechanically zeroing your weapon should be done every 7 to 10 days.

       (A)  True
       (B)  False

17.  If captured, you should remove the computer chip from your CAC card to prevent the enemy from gaining additional information about you.

      (A)  True
      (B)  False

18.  What is the service life of the C2A1 filter canister installed on an M45 or MCU-2 mask?

       (A)  39 weeks in a cold humid and warm moderate climate
       (B)  10 weeks in a hot dry climate
       (C)  39 weeks in a hot dry climate
       (D)  None of the above

19.  If a tent has become contaminated with a liquid chemical agent, it may pose a toxic vapor hazard for unprotected personnel and decontaminating the tent is practically impossible.

       (A)  True
       (B)  False

20.  When marking a UXO you should clear all debris away from the UXO.

       (A)  True
       (B)  False

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