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Airman's Manual
Knowledge Test

Exam 10

1.  An expedient hazard marker with a "B" on it indicates what type of hazard?

     (A)  Biological
     (B)  Chemical
     (C)  Radiological
     (D)  UXO (unexploded ordnance)

2.  When marking your CPO (Chemical Protective Overgarment), what information should be included?

     (A)  USAF, rank, first and last name
     (B)  USAFR, rank, first and last name and nickname
     (C)  UN, rank, first name, state of birth
     (D)  Just your nickname because your dog tags will identify your remains anyway

3.  Which of the following is not an advantage of biological agents as weapons?

     (A)  Easy to obtain
     (B)  Can overwhelm medical services and resources
     (C)  Threat of use not generally noted by the general population
     (D)  Potential for high number of casualties

4.  What is the service life of the C2A1 filter canister installed on an M45 or MCU-2 mask?

    (A)  39 weeks in a cold humid and warm moderate climate
    (B)  10 weeks in a hot dry climate
    (C)  39 weeks in a hot dry climate
    (D)  None of the above

5.  Which of the following do NOT adversely affect fire safety?

    (A)  Unfamiliar environments
    (B)  too many fire extinguishers on hand
    (C)  crowded accommodations
    (D)  high operations tempo

6.  Of the following which is the correct posture for MOPP level 4?

    (A)  Overgarment, protective mask, hood, gloves, overboots and field gear worn.
    (B)  IPE available for immediate donning.
    (C)  Overgarment, protective mask, hood, overboots and field gear worn; gloves carried.
    (D)  Overgarment and field gear worn; overboots, mask and gloves carried.

7.  An expedient hazard marker with a "A" on it indicates what type of hazard?

    (A)  Biological
    (B)  Chemical
    (C)  Radiological
    (D)  UXO (unexploded ordnance)

8.  When speaking to members of the media, you must always consider yourself "on the record"

    (A)  True
    (B)  False

9.  The ____-_____ rule is a risk management philosophy involving procedures that enable wing commanders to increase operational capability with an increased degree of risk.

     (A)  24-hour
     (B)  48-hour
     (C)  10-foot
     (D)  50-foot

10.  If within 5-10 minutes after administration of the first set of injectors, your heart beats very quickly and your mouth becomes very dry, inject a second Mark 1 kit immediately.

      (A)  True
      (B)  False

11.  Refueling vehicles, liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen equipment should be covered with plastic barrier materials.

       (A)  True
       (B)  False

12.  The _____ provides instructions for movement between zones.

       (A)  SEC
       (B)  SRC
       (C)  UCC
       (D)  WOC

13.  When in a high threat area, you should keep critical assets close together to maximize the use of camouflage netting.

       (A)  True
       (B)  False

14.  The senior commander does not have the option to authorize certain MOPP options to reduce the heat burden on those affected people.

       (A)  True
       (B)  False

15.  You should read M8 Paper with _____ light only?

       (A)  Red
       (B)  White
       (C)  Can not read at night, wait until day light.
       (D)  Natural light (Sun Light)

16.  Which of the following are steps in reporting a fire?

      (A)  Notify the fire department
      (B)  Evacuate the area
      (C)  Direct firefighters to the fire
      (D)  All of the above

17.  Which of the following is not one of the four major categories of chemical agents?

       (A)  Nerve
       (B)  Mustard
       (C)  Choking
       (D)  Blister

18.  When reporting a UXO by handheld radio you should transmit from a minimum safe distance of ____ ft.

        (A)  50
        (B)  10
        (C)  25
        (D)  100

19.  If no other tool is available, you can use the tip of a round of ammo when adjusting the sights on your weapon.

       (A)  True
       (B)  False

20.  What is another name for the Wing Operation Center (WOC) when deployed?

       (A)  Survival Recovery Center (SRC)
       (B)  Expeditionary Operation Center (EOC)
       (C)  Unit Control Center (UCC)
       (D)  None of the above

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