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Airman's Manual
Practice Test

Section 2 – Deploy (Test 2)

1. At home station prior to deployment, what actions should be reviewed?

a. Force Protection Condition (FPCON) actions, medical preparations, mobility bag issue and personal requirements
b. Attack Warning Signals, Alarm Conditions, Mission Orientated Protective Postures (MOPP) and Individual Protective actions (Self Aid Buddy Care, MCU-2A/P Gas Mask and inserts if applicable)
c. AFMAN 10-100, complete mask fit test, mask assessment and plenty of black permanent markers
d. Items a, b, and c above

2. The Personnel Deployment Function (PDF) will give you one last chance to review _______ prior to deployment:

a. Personal affairs, medical needs, legal, and family support, legal and AFOSI
b. Chaplin, medical, family support, legal, finance, personal affairs, civilian personnel, AFOSI, weather and intelligence
c. Legal and family support only
d. Medical, personal affairs and finance only

3. In armed conflict the _____________ and ___________ specifically tailored for each mission or area of responsibility provide guidance on the use of force

a. Status of Forces Agreement and Geneva Convention
b. Law of Armed Conflict and Rules of Engagement
c. Uniform Code of Military Justice and Geneva Convention
d. Hague and Geneva Conventions

4. The fundamental purposes of Law of Armed Conflict are to prevent unnecessary suffering and the maintenance of well-disciplined military forces

a. True
b. False

5. The Public Affairs role is to ___________ on USAF capabilities and ____________

a. Deny, access
b. Renounce, right of entry
c. Inform, current issues
d. None of the above

6. To be in compliance with the Law of Armed Conflict you can do the following:

a. Use the amount of force required to complete your mission and counter hostile acts or hostile intent
b. Fight those combatants who are declared hostile which include all persons participating in military operations or activities, or that pose an immediate threat to you, your unit, or other friendly forces
c. Harm, kill, torture EPW's and chaplains and diplomatic, religious, and medical facilities, equipment or vehicles that bear a Red Cross, Red Crescent, Red Star of David, or other protected symbols
d. a and b

7. What are the five Force Protection Conditions

a. FPCON Norman, Andrew, Bradley, Charlie, Dominic
b. FPCON Normal, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta
c. FPCON Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Purple
d. FPCON Zero, One, Two, Three, Four

8. Force Protection Bravo applies when a(n) ____________ or more _____________ threat of terrorist activity _________

a. Increased, Predictable, Exists
b. Decreased, Unpredictable, Diminish
c. Threat Decreases, Remains stable, Cells
d. None of the above

9. What color is substituted for Alarm Red from the USAF Standardized Attack Warning Signals for NBCC Medium and High Threat Areas when in South Korea?

a. Green
b. Brown
c. Blue
d. Black

10. The Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology is currently referred to as __________

a. DCO
b. CPO
c. Chief Petty Officer
d. Chief Plans Officer

11. The three type of over boots currently authorized in a chemical environment are:

a. Multiple purpose Loose Overboot (MULO), Green and or Black Vinyl Over boots (GVO/BVO)
b. Multiple Lightweight Overboot (MULO), Gray and or Blue Vinyl Overboots (GBO/BVO)
c. Multipurpose Lightweight Overboot (MULO), Green Vinyl Overboot (GVO), Black Vinyl Overboot (BVO)
d. None of the above

12. In MOPP Level 1 what are the locations for placing M9 on CPO, BDO and JFIRE

a. Upper left arm and lower right arm and both ankles
b. Upper right arm and lower left arm and both ankles
c. Upper left and right arms and right lower arm and both ankles
d. Upper left and right arms lower left and right wrists and right and left ankles

13. MOPP 2 what items are hand carried excluding M8/M9 and M-291 and M-295 kits:

a. Protective Mask, gloves, glove inserts
b. Protective Mask with Mask Carrier, Aircrew-protective mask/hood, and gloves
c. None of the above
d. Overgarment overboots and field gear

14. MOPP options consist of three possibilities they are

a. Mask-only Option
b. No Battle Dress Uniform or Flight Suit Option
c. Ventilation Option
d. a - c above when directed the senior commander to accomplish some missions to reduce the heat burden on those affected people and MOPP options might similarly be authorized when threats do not require full body protection

15. Before leaving a dirty zone and transitioning back to a clean zone what steps must be accomplished?

a. Get UCC authorization
b. Check self/assets for contamination
c. Operationally decontaminate self/assets
d. All of the above

16. What supplies are recommended for zone transitioning?

a. M8 paper, M-9 tape, M-291 and M-295 Kits
b. Potable Water with approved canteens
c. Glove and boot decontamination troughs
d. All of the above

17. When lifting and carrying any items, what safety factors should be considered before you begin?

a. Items b, c and d
b. Remove all jewelry and wear protective gloves
c. Steel-toes boots and ensure proper lifting and handling techniques are practiced
d. Use at least two or more people to lift heavy objects and call in heavy equipment when needed

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