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Airman's Manual
Practice Test

Section 2 – Deploy

1. Preparing for a deployment should begin when?

a. The day of deployment
b. The week before deployment
c. Two weeks before deployment
d. Months before deployment

2. When you are en route, actions you should take are:

a. Items b, c, and d below
b. Review FPCON, Alarm Condition, and MOPP at each en route stop
c. Carry you IPE on the aircraft or vessel if you are deploying to a NBCC medium or high threat area
d. Keep IPE (when directed) at hand during all en route stops and AFMAN 10-100

3. The troop commander will be the senior _____________ assigned to the chalk and is responsible to hand carry a personnel and equipment accountability kit to the deployed location

a. Officer
b. Officer or Enlisted
c. Aircraft Commander
d. Loadmaster

4. Rules of Engagement questions and concerns should be properly elevated up the chain of command for ____________

a. Mentor
b. Counselor
c. Psychotherapist
d. Resolution

5. Law of Armed Conflict includes Geneva and Hague Conventions, ____________ and ________________

a. Customary International Law, Other Treaties
b. Declaration of Independence, Gettysburg Address
c. Shoot first, take no prisoners
d. All of above

6. Five key steps to remember when dealing with the media are?

a. CYA, BYOB, OTL, SDO and watch the six
c. The Record, Language, Arguments, Protect the Record and Honesty
d. All of the above

7. The Uniformed Code of Military Justice applies to what geographical locations

a. Continental United States only
b. Asia and Middle East only
c. Wherever airmen serve
d. Overseas only

8. Force Protection Delta applies in the _____________ area where a terrorist attack has occurred or when _________ has been received that terrorist action against a(n) _________ location or person is imminent

a. Immediate, Intelligence, Specific
b. Incident, Intelligence, General
c. General, Intelligence, Bravo
d. Immediate, Intelligence, Unknown

9. Force Protection Normal applies when a(n) _____________ global threat of ___________ terrorist activity _________

a. Incident, intelligence, Unpredictable
b. Decrease, Operations, Facility
c. General, Possible, Exists
d. None of the above

10. Individual Protective Equipment (IPE) is the minimal personnel clothing and equipment needed to protect wearers from most Nuclear, Chemical and Conventional hazards

a. True
b. False

11. The CPO has a(n) ________ day service once removed from the factory seal and a wash/wear, uncontaminated shelf life of __________ days and _______ launderings

a. 120, 45, 5 (whichever comes first, and mark laundry marker each wash)
b. 121, 46, 6 (whichever comes first, and mark laundry marker each wash)
c. 120, 45, 6 (whichever comes first, and mark laundry marker each wash)
d. 120, 46, 56

12. The proper steps for donning CPO trousers are:

a. Don the trousers by placing the legs into the trouser and pulling them up
b. Close the slide fastener (front zipper) and fasten the two fly opening snaps
c. Pull the suspenders over the shoulders and fasten the snap couplers and adjust for proper inseam and leg length
d. Items a - c

13. While in MOPP 4, what item(s) is/are still required for donning?

a. Gloves
b. Mask
c. Field Gear
d. None of the above

14. In MOPP 3 what item(s) is hand carried excluding M8 and M9 paper and M-291 and M-295 kits

a. Overgarment, protective mask, hood, overboots and field gear
b. Aircrew-overgarment, protective mask/hood
c. Gloves and inserts, aircrew-overboots, and field gear
d. None of the above

15. When transitioning between zones in split MOPPS, what information should be on point signs?

a. Zone designator and Zone MOPP Level
b. Time and date posted and Individual Actions
c. Unit Control Center telephone number and call sign
d. a - b above

16. Before you can enter a dirty zone what steps must be accomplished

a. IPE to proper MOPP and have at least 1 full canteen
b. access to M8 Paper and M-291 and M-295 Decontamination Kits
c. Access to LMR and ADM-300 testing equipment
d. a and b above

17. The purpose of team lifting is to ______________

a. Increase safety
b. End the rest cycle
c. Force a team effort
d. Build muscles and character

18. Which statement is true of the choices below?

a. Fingers should be placed on shear and pinch points when lifting and moving objects
b. Turn and twist your waist when lifting and lowering items
c. Never check for slivers, sharp edges and rough or slippery surfaces
d. None of the above

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