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Airman's Manual
Practice Test

Section 3 – Employment (Test 2)

1. Arrival actions include the following:

a. Out-processing, Base Operating Support, Personnel Support
b. Chaplin Service, Medical and Dental Support
c. In-Processing, Status Briefings and Palletized Mobility Bag Retrieval and review functional checklists
d. In-Processing, Morale Calls, Hot Showers

2. You have approximately how many years to file a claim with legal office for military claims

a. 6 months or 180 days whichever comes first
b. 1 year 6 months and 29 days
c. 2.0 years provided you have receipts, photos, statements to substantiate your claim
d. Legal advice would be beneficial now

3. What form should be used to document the MCU-2A/P Gas Mask inspection history?

a. MFR
b. 1040 EZ
c. DD Form 1574
d. AF Form 988

4. The weapon of choice by terrorist is what type of device Improvised Explosive Device (IED)?

a. Bobby-Traps (IED), Car-bomb (IED), Suicide/Homicide Bomber (IED)
b. Backpack (IED), Discarded Box (IED), Soda Can (IED)
c. Time Delays car alarms, door bells, garage door, cell phones, clock, batteries (IED)
d. All of the above

5. _______________ of water should be consumed during moderate work each hour when temperature is above 82F

a. 1 Quart
b. 2 Quarts
c. 1/2 Quart
d. 3/4 Quart

6. Local food and water should be consumed when approved by ________________

a. US Department of Agriculture
b. Environmental Protection Agency
c. Defense Accounting Agency
d. US military and medical authorities

7. Personnel are authorized to bathe and swim in rivers, lakes, swamps and canals

a. True
b. False

8. When deployed if you feel stress building you should seek relief by discussing it with your _________________

a. AOR Commander, Vice Commander, US Embassy, and stewardess
b. Commander, OIC, buddies or anyone who will listen
c. Buddies, Supervisor, Chaplin or medical counselor
d. Family, In-laws, Spouse or immediate friends

9. The acronym TEMPER means

a. Tent, Enlarge, Modular, Personnel
b. Tent, Encircle, Modified, Personnel
c. Tent, Extendable, Modular, Personnel
d. None of the above

10. The proper technique for expedient firefighting is PASS and it means

a. Push the pin, aim, sight and squeeze
b. Pull the pin, aim, squeeze and sight
c. Pull the pin, aim the nozzle at base of fire, squeeze the handle and sweep side-to-side
d. Pull the pin, aim the nozzle 90 degrees to the fire, squeeze the handle and sprint into the fire

11. The dry chemical fire extinguisher is used to extinguish what types of fires

a. ABC
b. Ordinary combustions, Flammable Liquids, Electrical Equipment
c. Combustible Metals
d. A and B are most correct

12. Collection points for contaminated waste should be how far from work centers

a. At least 10 feet and downwind from facilities
b. At least 10 feet and 45 degrees upwind from facilities
c. At least 10 feet and 30 degrees upwind from facilities
d. At least 10 feet and 30 degrees downwind from facilities

13. Passive defense are measures are taken to ________ damage from enemy ________

a. Lessen, forces
b. Increase, armies
c. Lessen, attack
d. Increase, divisions

14. Camouflage nets should be used as much as possible when chemical and biological threat is imminent

a. True
b. False

15. ______ light should be used during night time operations to read M8 paper

a. White
b. Red
c. Yellow
d. Blue

16. The proper dimension for a Defense Fighting Position is ____ feet long by _____ feet wide and ______ height

a. 6, 3, nose (and includes grenade sumps both ends with at least 18 inches of dirt above)
b. 6, 4, shoulder (and includes grenade sumps both ends with at least 18 inches of dirt above)
c. 6, 5, upper torso (and includes grenade sumps both ends with at least 18 inches of dirt above)
d. 6, 3, arm-pit (and includes grenade sumps both ends with at least 18 inches of dirt above)

17. After ______ hours or ______ people should hand and foot troughs be replaced with 5 per cent chlorine solution?

a. 12, 200
b. 24, 400
c. 36, 500
d. 48, 400 or as directed

18. On pallets that are being shipped to NBCC environment M8 paper is placed on the ________ and _______ inner layer

a. Outside, first
b. Outside, second
c. Outside, each
d. Inside, each

19. The WOC has battle staff representatives from ________________

a. Medical and Mission Support functions
b. Operation and Maintenance functions
c. Major tenants and host-nation forces
d. All of the above

20. The Unit Control Center is responsible for _____________

a. Command, Control, Communications, Computer and Intelligence (C4I)
b. Command, Control, Communications (C3)
c. Command and Control (C2)
d. Issuing Meal Cards

21. Hostile governments and terrorists will use IED to destroy targets and to generate ________________

a. Security consciousness
b. Mass hysteria
c. Work center cleanliness
d. Risk management actions

22. Alarm Yellow means an attack is probable in less than ______ minutes

a. 10
b. 15
c. 25
d. 30

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