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Airman's Manual
Practice Test

Section 3 – Employment

1. Arrival briefings will normally consist of what subject matters:

a. Local Alarm Conditions and Warning Systems; FPCON and MOPPs
b. Sectoring or Zone Operations, Contamination Control Area, Shelters and Bunkers
c. Telephony Information, Billeting and Feeding, EOD, EOR, Fire, Intelligence, ROE, Medical and theater unique information
d. All of the above

2. For deployed airmen, finance may be limited to:

a. Cashing checks and having questions answered about pay inquiries
b. You can not operate with limited services or not access My Pay Electronic web site
c. Plan ahead and complete all financial affairs before you deploy
d. None of the above

3. What is the correct percentage of bleach to water ratio when sanitizing your gas mask drinking tube?

a. two parts 3 percent to 10 parts water
b. one part .5 percent bleach to 100 parts water
c. one part 5 percent bleach to 10 parts water
d. one part 50 percent bleach to 1 part water

4. In the history of warfare, more _________ are lost due to __________ than to conflict

a. People, Disease
b. People, Food
c. People, Heat
d. People, Snakes

5. How much caffeine (cola and coffee) should be consumed during moderate temperature?

a. 8 cups
b. 4 cups
c. 2 cups
d. Avoid caffeine it increases water loss and promote dehydration

6. Personal hygiene is a major concern when deployed, good personal hygiene helps prevent ________, ______, and _____________

a. Sedentary, physical fitness, energy levels, stamina
b. Illness, infections, supports good general health
c. Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Yellow Fever
d. Smallpox, Cholera, Typhoid

7. The key components to self-maintenance are:

a. Sleep, diet, and exercise
b. Sporting events, hot dogs and beer
c. Ice skating, skiing, and mountain bicycling
d. All of the above

8. Stress left unchecked can degrade your ___________

a. Off duty and vacation schedule
b. Work center performance and unit morale
c. Physical and mental well-being
d. All of the above

9. In a tent city configuration smoking is permitted inside all tents

a. True
b. False

10. The MCU-2A/P is authorized as IPE for fighting fires

a. True
b. False

11. The three primary methods of waste disposal are ___________

a. Burning
b. Burying
c. Full-service host nation contracts
d. All of the above

12. The mess kit must be submerged a minimum of ____ seconds and should completely dried before repacking the contents

a. 10 seconds
b. 20 seconds
c. 30 seconds
d. 45 seconds

13. Sandbag wall construction consists of _________ and __________

a. Headers and Footers
b. Headers and Closers
c. Headers and Slopes
d. Headers and Stretchers

14. Dispersal sites should have how many egress routes

a. 1
b. 2 or more
c. 3 or more
d. 4 or more

15. The depth for a hasty fighting position is _______

a. 6 inches
b. 12 inches
c. 18 inches
d. 24 inches

16. What actions should be taken to secure a facility from contamination avoidance

a. Close all windows, turn off AC/HVAC ventilation (close outside air intake)
b. Ensure single entry procedures
c. Pre-plan specific actions as threat increases
d. All of the above and remember tape, plastic, shuffle boxes

17. Air Mobility Command recommends that cargo marked for deployment to NBCC environment will have ___ barrier(s) on top and _____ barrier(s) below the cargo net for each pallet

a. 3, 1
b. 4, 2
c. 2, 1
d. 1, 2

18. The Wing Operations Center is the _________ echelon of airbase operations

a. Middle echelon
b. Lower echelon
c. Upper echelon
d. Top echelon

19. The purpose(s) of the Survival Recovery Center is/are ____________

a. b and d
b. Nerve Center for airbase ground operations and attack protection
c. Recovery Operations
d. Recover Operations and recommends and executes WOC directed actions

20. The four "R's" in UXO reporting are:

a. Recognize, Regarding, Recoil, and Report
b. Respond, Retreat, Replicate and Redundancy
c. Recognize, Reclaim, Run away, Reduce
d. Recognize, Record, Retreat and Report

21. A Hardened Aircraft Shelter provides optimum protection for _______________

a. Snow removing apparatus, 29 passenger buses, coffee makers
b. Camouflage netting, support poles, tie down stakes
c. Aircraft, vehicles, equipment
d. Mascots, working dogs, cats

22. Reviewing pre-attack actions personnel should remove ________, _________ and wear _____________

a. Contact lenses, eye glasses, protective mask eyeglasses
b. Hand/foot troughs, chlorine bleach solution, insect repellent
c. Combat boots, boot blouses, clean socks
d. Personal body armor, helmet, chemical warfare mask


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