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Airman's Manual
Practice Test

Section 4 – Fight

1. Security Forces are the only responsible members for full dimensional protection in Integrated Base Defense

a. True
b. False

2. You are a cordon sentry and are approached by a higher ranking individual who states they need access to the incident site, what do you do?

a. Wait five minutes to see if they were bluffing
b. Ask them what their mother’s maiden name was
c. Tell them to go to the next sentry and ask to gain access
d. Direct the person to the entry control point

3. Learning the word halt in the language of the country you are in enhances your ability to _______________?

a. Intimidate
b. Operate
c. Survive
d. Challenge Intruders

4. If the sign/countersign number of the day is eight, what is the correct response if you are given sign of two?

a. Four
b. Five
c. Six
d. Seven

5. Duress words can be inserted into any __________ in order to communicate ________ that a person is under some form of duress

a. Talking paper, openly
b. Conversation, stealthily
c. Talking paper, stealthily
d. Conversation, openly

6. While waiting for custody to be relieved for an Enemy Prisoner of War, you should?

a. Search, segregate, silence and shackle
b. Search, segregate, silence, safeguard and tag
c. Search, segregate, silence
d. Search, segregate, silence, speed to the rear, safeguard and tag

7. When separating Enemy Prisoners of War and deserters, you should segregate male and females but do not have to separate enlisted and officers

a. True
b. False

8. ________ and _________ often provide backup audible alarms when primary systems fail and will often display alarm condition flags on their vehicles

a. UCC, Operations Support
b. Security Forces, UCC
c. Operations Support, Security Forces
d. Security Forces, Fire Protection

9. If an attack warning is given, and you don’t know what type of attack will or has occurred, what should you do?

a. Quickly follow the protective actions for a missile attack
b. Call the command post and ask them to clarify the alarm
c. Run around telling everyone to take cover
d. Wait five minutes and wait for the command post to re-issue the warning

10. Audible bugle call-to-arms with accompanying red flag (blue in Korea) indicates what type of alarm?

a. Alarm Red/Blue; your location has been overrun, everyone must retreat
b. Alarm Red/Blue; your location is under missile attack, aircraft attack or an attack will begin in minutes
c. Alarm Red/Blue; your location is under ground attack
d. None of the above

11. When reporting an attack, you should use the ________ method

a. S-T-A-N-D
b. S-A-L-U-T-E
c. C-A-L-L O-U-T
d. S-H-O-U-T

12. When reporting an attack, what is the least secure means of communications?

a. Messenger
b. Wire/Telephone
c. Radio
d. None of the above

13. When making radio transmissions, when should you address officers with their correct rank?

a. Only if they are O-6 or above
b. Always
c. Only if they command it
d. Never

14. Your eyes can take up to ___ minutes after exposure to illumination flares and light to readjust to darkness

a. 10
b. 20
c. 30
d. 45

15. After an attack, you should check what on your vehicle

a. Oil
b. M8
c. M9
d. Headlights

16. Contaminated vehicles should have the proper contamination marker placed on the _________

a. Right hand corner of the dashboard
b. Front and rear bumper
c. Left and right front fender
d. Lower center portion of the windshield

17. If you come under air attack while in a convoy, you should do what?

a. Run for cover
b. Sound a series of short horn blasts, pull vehicle off the road, seek cover away from the vehicle, notify UCC, wait for “all clear”
c. Speed to the front to warn the lead
d. None of the above

18. If in a convoy and your vehicle breaks down, is irreparable, can’t be towed and the convoy must move on, you should?

a. Destroy or disable it even if there is no threat of it being overtaken by the enemy
b. Leave two members in the defensive posture
c. Wait for more help
d. Radio for airlift support

19. When handling a weapon, it is okay to point it anywhere when you know it is unloaded

a. True
b. False

20. The maximum effective range for a point target of the M4 Carbine is ________ yards

a. 550
b. 575
c. 600
d. 602

21. While running a function check on a weapon and you place it on safe, pull the trigger and it dry fires, the weapon is in good working order?

a. True
b. False

22. If a weapon fails to fire, you should use what procedure to remedy the situation?

a. S P O R T S
b. Remove the magazine, re-insert and try again
c. S L A P
d. B A S E B A L L

23. The front sight adjustments on a weapon are used to make ________ changes to the projectile

a. Left or right
b. Elevation
c. Spin
d. None of the above

24. Field expedient cleaning requires you to do what?

a. Clear weapon
b. Clean bolt carrier
c. Clean barrel
d. All of the above

25. One method to destroy munitions is the mechanical method

a. True
b. False

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