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Airman's Manual
Practice Test

Section 4 – Fight

1. During Alarm Black, "Initiate Base Recovery", which of the following would you not expect?

a. Steady tone siren
b. Visual black flags
c. Assume MOPP 4 or as directed by commander
d. Wavering tone siren

2. Why would you use M291/M295 kits?

a. Decontaminate areas you must touch to perform your mission
b. To detect for liquid contamination
c. Warm your MRE
d. Identifying UXOs

3. Which is not one of the 4R's to use when discovering or suspecting a UXO?

a. Recognize
b. Remove
c. Record
d. Report

4. How far should you be from a UXO when transmitting a handheld radio?

a. At least 10 feet
b. At least 15 feet
c. At least 20 feet
d. At least 25 feet

5. A positive M8 paper result of blue or dark green identifies?

a. G-series nerve
b. H-series or L- series blister
c. V-series nerve
d. GF nerve agent

6. Which is not one of the early symptoms of radiation sickness?

a. Nausea
b. Vomiting
c. Diarrhea
d. Loss of appetite

7. Chemical agents may produce the following smell:

a. Sulfur
b. Fruity
c. Mustard
d. Coffee

8. Within 5-10 minutes after using the first set of auto-injectors, your heart beats very quickly and your mouth becomes dry. Which of the following should you do next?

a. Administer a second Mark 1 set yourself
b. Have a buddy administer the second Mark 1 set
c. Administer one 2 PAM Chloride injector
d. Do not inject a second Mark 1 kit

9. Chemical agents are employed in what forms?

a. Gas
b. Liquid
c. Solids
d. b and c

10. What is the M45 "Land Warrior" mask issued for?

a. Protection against chemical and biological agents
b. Protection against radioactive dust particles
c. Protection against industrial chemicals
d. a and b only

11. What precautions should be taken with the second skin for the mask?

a. Install while in a chemical warfare environment
b. Don't use without the eyelens outsert installed
c. Take an extra second skin so that you can change it in a chemical environment should it get contaminated
d. Ensure skin is threaded into area where canister is installed

12. When using the M291/M295 decon kits, which precautions should be taken with the decon powder?

a. Avoid inhalation
b. Recycle it for later use
c. Rub it thoroughly in open contaminated wounds
d. All of the above

13. Which is not an immediate step in basic lifesaving?

a. Airway
b. Bleeding
c. Circulation
d. Disability

14. Marking the time and the letter "T" on a casualty's forehead indicates what?

a. Time of the last injection of testosterone
b. Time of last injection of morphine
c. Time of attack that caused the casualty
d. That the casualty has a tourniquet and the time it was applied

15. Water intoxication may mimic the symptoms of heat illness, except high body temp and dry mouth are usually absent

a. True
b. False

16. Which of the following is not a treatment for frostbite?

a. Move to a warm place
b. Rub affected areas to warm them
c. Cover with several layers of clothing
d. Re-warm area with warm water

17. Which POWs may not be forced to work?

a. Officers
b. NCOs
c. Enlisted
d. Civilians

18. Which article of the Code of Conduct states "I will give no information or take part in any action which might be harmful to my comrades"?

a. Article II
b. Article III
c. Article IV
d. Article V

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